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ReRave ; The new Jubeat+Technika+Osu Empty ReRave ; The new Jubeat+Technika+Osu

Post  Genya Arikado on Fri May 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Ayok rame-rame request timezone untuk beli!! Harganya sekarang baru $8575!

ReRave Music Rhythm Video Arcade Game - From the developers of In The Groove, Pump It Up Pro and projects from DJMax Technika to Friction, comes the latest craze in music-based arcade games, "ReRave".

ReRave is already a hit on Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. And this new arcade version, which was a collaborative effort between Step Evolution and Coast To Coast Entertainment is sure to be a worldwide hit in arcade across the globe, just like the iOS version is!

ReRave combines music rhythm, as well as physical dexterity and accuracy to create a innovative gaming experience that is both fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels. ReRave gameplay breaks the barrier of "old fashioned" scrolling and matching symbol play typically found in music rhythm games with its unique, fun and "revolutionary" game movements. And ReRave is the first music "interaction and reaction" based arcade game to feature a huge 42" multiplayer color touchscreen monitor in a internet-enabled cabinet, combined with a real-time global interactive player ranking network with frequent music and software updates in the near future !

ReRave Music Rhythm Video Game Features :

▪ Proudly Made In The USA !
▪ Large 42" HD Multitouch Color Monitor
▪ Awesome 1000 Watt Digital Sound System !
▪ Cool Interactive LED Light Show Enhances Gameplay !
▪ Headphone Ports For Personalized Sound Experience !
▪ 2 Player "Head To Head" Gameplay increases Revenues !
▪ Global and Local Player Rankings Help Draw Competition !
▪ Player Interface with ReRave iOS (On Apple App Store)
▪ New Songs and Sequences Added Monthly for FREE !
▪ Customized Player Scores and Profiles via PIN Entry
▪ Game Support for Tokens, Coins or Swipe Cards
▪ Fully Supported Language Translations

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